Introduction: Alibaug Beach

Alibaug is one of the famous beach in Konkan. Lot of tourist visits Alibaug beach because it is closer from Mumbai and Pune. By road it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Alibaug from Mumbai and Pune. Alibaug is one of the exotic and beautiful beach where people mostly visit during weekends to refresh their minds from fast life. Mostly this beach are less crowded. If you are planning for long vacations at Alibaug beach, you have many options from beach side resorts to good hotels for staying here.

Major Attraction: Kolaba Fort

Alibaug is about 300 year’s old city. It was developed under Shivaji Maharaj kingdom. Kolaba fort was constructed by Shivaji maharaj which was chief naval stations for whole south Konkan and was centre of Maratha attacks on British ships during that time. Kolaba fort has a huge entrance and source of freshwater wells can be found inside the premises. To reach kolaba fort boats are used depending on low and high tides. Kolaba fort is now a popular tourist destination and protected heritage.

Nearby Attractions: Shree Vikram Vinayak Temple

Shree vikram vinayak temple is also main attraction at Alibaug. This temple was constructed by Shri Aditya Vikram birla. Temple is so marvellous which is crafted by white marbles. You will get a good view from temple looking at Surroundings Mountains and ocean. A well maintained green carpet of grass and beautiful flowers surrounded by nicely constructed walls. Temple is open from morning 9.00am to 7.00pm. So please do visit this temple when you visit alibaug.

Nearby Attractions: Karmarkar Museum

Karmarkar museum is located at sasavne village, 15km distance from alibaug. Padmashree VP Karmarkar a famous sculpture artist work are display at the museum. There is also a small garden which is also an attraction for visitors.

Nearby Attractions: Korlai Fort

Korlai fort also known as castle curlew and el moro is a Portuguese fort in village of korlai. Fort is approximately 2500 feet loand and average height of 90 feets.

Other famous attractions in alibaug are Kanakeshwar temple, chaul, sagargad, Kanhoji angre Samadhi, balaji temple and hingulja mandir.

Best Time to Visit Alibaug beach

Best time to visit Alibaug beach is from September to May. As this climate is very good during this time visit any beaches from Konkan

How to Reach Alibaug beach

If you are from Mumbai you can drive from panel to alibaug beach. Government transportation buses are also available. But traveling with own vehicle would add a great experience to reach alibaug beach.

Accommodation – Hotels and Resorts in Alibaug Beach

There are lot of options for hotes and resorts at alibaug beach. You can also opt for Homestays in Alibaug. Some of the best hotels, resorts and homestays are listed below.

Hotels in Alibaug:
Hotel BigSplash
Ruturaj Inn
U Tropicana Alibaug
Hotel Sea View
Dolphin House Beach Resort
Sunglow Resorts
Hotel Ramakant
Jogalekar Cottage
Paradise Villas & Resort
Sai Inn Resort
Hotel Sahyadri

Homestays in Alibaug. You can click here for more details.


I would say Alibaug beach is the most famous gateways for people who stays in mumbai. As to reach alibaug beach it hardly takes 5 hours maximum. So what do you think about alibaug beach, leave your comments below.

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