Introduction: Guhagar beach is one of the famous beach in Konkan. Also one of the closest beach to reach from Chiplun. During holidays this is the one of the busiest beach. Lot of water sports activities are done over here.

The thing which I love the most about the beach is no matter where you end up, there’s always lots of activity surrounding you. Personally I like to get in sea water first and enjoy the sea waves. But you also make sure care that you don’t go too deep in the water. It depends how you want to relax at Guhagar beach, there are some sections that tend to be a little calmer than other.

You can also grab chair from hotels around beaches and relax. The beautiful things about Guhagar beach is that no matter whatever you do at the beach, you are bound to have a good time.

If you planning for a trip, my suggestion would be first make sure you have book the hotel, if you are planning to stay at Guhagar. Because during vacations all hotels are booked for most of the days. If you are enough lucky you will still get to manage a rest house run by the locals.

Sea food is great here, you can get delicious food at beach front hotels. There are many good hotel and restaurants available for sea food lovers. But one of the best Non Veg sea food you will get in Hotel Annapurna. You will love to eat delicious cuisine from list of versatile menus. Kolambi masala, bangda fry and surmai masala are the most famous dishes. The spicy Konkani sea food dishes are delicious, also you can go for chicken thali, mutton thali or fish thali. Don’t forget to have solkadi which is great drink after having meal. Hotel Annapuran is just about 10 – 15 minutes from the beach. But during vacations hotel Annapurna is fully booked. So you need to reserve your table first.

Hotel Annapurna also provide good luxurious rooms for stay. So make your booking before arriving at guhagar.

Major Attraction: Talkeshwar Light house point is about 21km from Guhagar beach you need to reach anjanwel village. Lighthouse is situated on a hill. Talkeshwar light house was constructed during 1933 – 1934 by british. Electrification of light house was done on 31-01-1997

guhagar talkeshwar light house point anjanvel

You can enjoy a panoramic view from the talkeshwar light house. About 5 minutes’ distance you can also visit titanic point to get good pictures of sea.

What is a lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a tower with a bright light on top. Lighthouse are constructed to signal ships about rocky cliffs, sandy beaches or a warning about entrances to bays and harbours. If you want to learn more about light house at talkeshwar, guides are available over there to explain every minute details about it.

Overall guhagar is really amazing place to explore and enjoy your vacation at fullest.

Nearby Attractions: Other place to visit in guhagar are vyadeshwar temple, durgadevi temple, uphrata Ganapati, valukeshwar temple, veldur port etc.

Best Time to Visit:
From October to May is good time to visit guhagar beach. As this time is considered to best to enjoy konkan coastline

How to get there:
One can travel with their family with own vehicle is good choice for traveling at guhagar beach. From pune you can travel from satara road. From mumbai, panvel to alibaug is good to reach guhagar beach.

As guhagar is virgin beach, so one can have homestays at guhagar beach. Other options are Annapurna hotel and MTDC homestays.

Guhagar is a virgin beach so enjoy a romantic time if you are newly married. Those who want peace from city life can actually have a great time at guhagar beach. Do not forgot leave your experience in the comment sections.

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