Revdanda Beach belongs to Revdanda village, which lies about 17 kms from Alibaug and only 105 kms from Mumbai. It is a remote beach that’s located on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra and is filled with black and clean sand. At this place, you could probably get the quiet spot you look forward to on a beach vacation, while trying to beat the blues and rejuvenate your frayed nerves.

Major Attraction

Apart from the serene beach where you can enjoy the serene water and camp under the starlit sky, Datta Mandir is a popular temple in the Chaul area where you have to climb over 1500 steps. The temple was built by Shivaji mainly in order to watch over the enemies. You cannot miss The Shitala Devi Temple next to it. It is believed that the deity here protects the village. Another significant structure of Revdanda Beach is the Revdanda Fort, which is also called Revdanda Aagarkot.

Nearby Attractions

You may take a local cab or auto to Korlai Fort, which is about 6 kms from Revdanda Beach. There is a Birla Ganesh Temple, which has a modern touch with adorable interiors and amazing carvings. Other nearby attractions include Rameshwar Temple, Chaul town and Phansad Bird Sanctuary, etc.

Best Time to Visit

Starting from October till the summer heat hits, you can comfortably visit Revdanda as the period boasts of the perfect weather with no rains or scorching sun.

How to get there

Mumbai is hardly 105 kms, which makes it very easy for air travelers to reach Revdanda. Even Pune at about 150 kms away make Revdanda very approachable. From these airports, you can book cabs or board buses to reach Revdanda. The nearest rail head is at Panvel, which is 28 kms from Alibaug. You can board a taxi from Panvel to reach Alibaug. From Alibaug, you can take a local bus or auto to reach Revdanda Beach.


Some of the good resorts for your stay here include Kashid Beach Resort, Nisarg Tourist Home, Prakruti Resort and Mahua Bagh Resort. Before booking your hotel, just make sure you know how far the hotel actually is from the beach, as there are plenty of them like Sea shell Resort, Sand Piper Resort etc that are around 13 kms away from Revdanda Beach Fort.


Revdanda Beach is the best choice if you seek a quiet and uncrowded place for your holiday. Have fun!

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