If you’re looking for an all-round beach destination to cover all your eating, sightseeing and shopping spree at the Konkan region, then Aravali beach should feature at the top of your wish-list. Though this beach is very close to Goa, it is still less-crowded.

Major Attractions

At Aravali beach, you will get to enjoy the clean and tranquil beach. In the morning, you can find local fisherman returning back with their fresh catches. The local fish market, where you can buy your preferred fish, is sure to give the fish lovers something to look forward to. At this beach, you can also taste sweets prepared from cashew and roasted cashew nuts. In case you love unusual foods, you must try Sol Kadhi which is made from kokum and coconut milk. Seafoods like surmai, bangda, prawns etc should not be missed as well.

Nearby Attractions

Some of the major attractions in the vicinity of Aravali beach include Redi Ganesh Mandir, Terekhol Fort, Aronda backwater and Pansal. The Ganesh Mandir in the city of Redi is visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you’re a history buff, you shouldn’t give Terekhol Fort and Shiroda Mithaghar a miss. You can also visit Mochemad beach and Sagareshwar beach. A key reason that attracts tourists to visit Shiroda is that Salt Satyagraha took place here in the 1930s by the order of Mahatma Gandhi. You can also plan a trip to Goa, which is in the vicinity of Aravali beach.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit this alluring beach is between December and March. With a minimum and maximum temperature of around 220C and 270C, the place becomes absolutely soothing during this time.

How to get there

Aravali beach can be easily reached via flight, train and bus. The nearest airport is Goa’s Dabolim airport. This place is well connected with major cities across the country via train route. The nearby railway stations are Sindhudurg and Zarap. You can also avail MSRTC buses and private travel services to reach Aravali beach from different parts of the state of Maharashtra.


You may not be able to find trendy hotels or resorts adjacent to Aravali beach as the options are limited here. However, tented resorts and homestays that offer comfortable stay at affordable prices will make up for it with their warm hospitality.


All-in-all, a trip to this beach will let you enjoy a rejuvenating, relaxing and quiet weekend holiday, which is just what you need after a busy week.

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