Harnai beach is a tourist destination known for its serenity with an extended rocky coast and clean black sand. It is the best weekend gateway for residents of Mumbai and Pune, as it is just within the range of 200 kms. The beach belongs to the small town called Murud Harnai, which in turn belongs to the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

Major Attraction

Major attractions of this beautiful place are the Harnai beach itself together with a very ancient temple of Goddesss Durga that has huge pillars with extensive carvings on them. This temple belongs to the 18th century.

Nearby Attractions

There quite a few places of interest close to Harnai beach. Suvarnadurg Fort is a huge fort with a fascinating architecture and extends up to 8 acres, which is worth a visit. It’s renowned for its unique carvings. Anjarle beach and Burundi beach are other places of attraction that are very picturesque and unpolluted. Pahale Khazi is yet another place you must visit to admire the huge mountain rock, cut and carved to form a fort. This is about 30 kms from Harnai. Another major attraction is the Wakali Unavre, which is a hot spring with medicinal power to heal ailments.

Best Time to Visit

Anywhere between October and March, soon after the monsoon ends would be the most ideal time to visit Harnai beach. You can expect the perfect weather that’s pleasantly cool during this period.

How to get there

If you are to travel from Mumbai or Pune, you can find several Maharashtra State Transport buses shuttle up to Harnai city. In case you are to take a train from the major cities, you can reach Khed station, which is 37 kms away, or Chiplun, which is about 70 kms from Hernai. You may hire a cab for the final ride. At times, people choose to travel to Dapoli, which is very close to Harnai and use local transport options like auto rickshaws to reach Harnai.


Some of the best hotels with star ratings in Harnai beach include Yogiraj Sea-Beach Resort, Sea Princess Resort, SagarSawali Beach Resort, Lotus Beach Resort and Swapnadeep Resort.


This beach is ideal for enjoying a serene experience by soaking in the natural beauty all around. However, it is always advisable to check the weather for unusual high tides in the beach areas while you plan for your Harnai beach trip.

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