Kihim beach lies on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, just about 100 kms from Mumbai and 10kms from Alibag. It is the best place to experience the enchanting views of sunset from the sandy beach. Spending time taking in the sight of the ocean and listening to the soft rhythms of the incoming and receding waves would surely help you forget all about your mundane routine and transport you to a soothing world.

Major Attraction

The major attraction of Kihim is the sandy beach itself. People go to the beach to watch those rare species of birds, which is why it also known as the ‘Bird Watchers’ Paradise’. You can also enjoy the different colors of butterflies, which is a rare sight in the city. You can also find few churches and St. Barbara tower along the shore.

Nearby Attractions

There are several places of interest around Kihim beach and all of them are located within the span of a few kilometers. Kandheri Fort is just about 4 kms; Kanakeshwar temple & forest is around 7 kms; Sagargad is around 10 kms; Mandwa Beach, Kanakeshwar Devasthan, and Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort, which are about 50 kms from Kihim, are all worth visiting. You may even plan a trip to explore Kolaba Fort, which stands a kilometer across the beach. During low tides, you can reach this 300-year-old fort from the island town using a thin strip of land. However, the fort gets submerged during high tide.

Best Time to Visit

Since the Konkan coast of Maharashtra witnesses heavy rains and extreme summer, the best time to visit is between October and March, when the weather is moderate and cool. However, look for high tides before you leave.

How to get there

Kihim beach is almost equidistant from Pune and Mumbai and both are just about 136 kms. Hence, the best way to reach Kihim from these major cities would be through road. State transport buses ply on the Mumbai-Kihim (via Alibag) route that will take you to Chodni, which is 2 kms from Kihim. You can board rickshaws to cover the last stretch. The nearest train stations are at Roha and Pen on the Konkan Railway, which are 35 kms away. From there, cabs can take you to the beach. If you wish to have fun with a ferry ride, then Mandwa port, which is about 4 kms away, is the closest you can get to Kihim Beach. But ferry services are normally stopped during the monsoons. From Mandwa port, you will have to take shuttle buses to reach Chodni.


Some of the high-rated resorts in Kihim are Sangarika Beach Resort, Sanidhya Resort, Kashid Beach Resort, Nisarg Beach Resort and Sanman Beach Resort.


Kihim beach is certainly a great choice for a peaceful holiday to connect with nature and experience the rare species of birds and butterflies. So, pack your bags and head straight to the beach to enjoy it all.

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