Stretching up to 2.5 kms, Kelshi beach on the Konkan coast is located in Kelshi village of Ratnagiri district. If you wish to have a very quiet holiday with the gentle waves accompanying you, this is the perfect holiday destination. The beach has plenty of kevada, betel nut, cypress and coconut trees. A part of the beach has rocks filled with treasure troves of cowries, conches and shells.

Major Attraction

Kelshi belongs to the Peshwa Dynasty and thus has several temples and structures of historical significance. The place is popular for the 350-year old Mahalakshmi Temple and the historic monument of Yaqub Sarvani, who was one of the spiritual leaders of Shivaji. In addition, Kelshi beach has an exquisite attraction of natural sand dune formed by a Tsunami, which dates back exactly to September of 1524.

Nearby Attractions

Some of the popular beach destinations around Kelshi includes Harihareshwar beach, Shrivardhan beach, Harnai beach and Dapoli beach. Parshuram Temple is situated about 5 kms away from Kelshi, and it comprises of a group of five temples that reflect the architecture of the Peshwa Dynasty. Kadyavarcha Ganpati – a Ganesh temple in Anjarle, is yet another place of interest, which is around 15kms from Kelshi beach.

Best Time to Visit

The reason why you must visit Kelshi between November and March is not only to enjoy the best weather, but also to get a glimpse of the migratory birds that enhance the beauty of this place.

How to get there

Dapoli is the closest place to Kelshi, which is about 35 kms away. There are plenty of Maharashtra State Transport buses that shuttle from major cities like Pune and Mumbai to this place. If you choose the option of train, Khed is the closest railway station and is around 60 kms from the Kelshi beach. Upon reaching Dapoli or Khed, you can hire jeeps, local buses, or taxis to reach Kelshi village.


Some of the popular resorts in Kelshi include Cozy Cottage, Swapnadeep Beach Resort, Maitri Beach Resort, Whistling Waves Beach Resort and Ketki Beach Resort, among others.


It is certainly worth driving all the way to Kelshi beach if you are in Pune or Mumbai, as you can be sure to reach the ‘land of peace’ while enjoying a journey that gets you close to the nature and help admire its pristine beauty. To enjoy the rustic charm of the Konkan region steeped in serenity, you will have to set a date with Kelshi beach.

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