Kunkeshwar beach in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra is known to be one of the most serene beaches with breathtaking panoramic views of the sky and sea. It is the perfect destination to escape from your city life and get your tired nerves refreshed.

Major Attraction             

Kunkeshwar keeps you busy with the temples and beaches to visit. The most popular place is the beach itself, which is very clean and unpolluted. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, there are two ancient temples – The Kunkeshwar Temple right on the beach bed, which belongs to the Yadav dynasty of the 12th century; and the Vimleshwar Shiva Temple where Mahashivratri is a big celebration. Tara Mumbai beach is another interesting place where people converge to watch the sunset.

Nearby Attractions

Tarkarli beach is a quiet beach, which is about 7 kms from Kunkeshwar beach. If you wish to go further, there is Dhamapur Lake, which is around 60 kms from Kunkeshwar. You may also want to visit Vijaydurg Fort and Devgad Fort in Kunkeshwar. Gajba Devi temple, which is 11.4 kms from Kunkeshwar, is another place to visit for devotees.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Kunkeshwar beach is from the onset of the winter season till the time when summer hasn’t arrived in its full blazing form. This means you can plan your trip anytime from October to March. Since the Konkan coast is at its best just after the monsoon season ends, you may even choose to go there immediately after the showers stop.

How to get there

Since Mumbai is about 450 kms and Pune is about 365 kms from Kunkeshwar, the closest airport you can choose is the one at Goa, which is just about 150 kms. Several state buses connect Kunkaleshwar with major cities. The nearest railway station is Nandgaon, which is 45 kms away. Some may even opt for another one, which is Kankvali at about 52 kms from here. On reaching the nearest station, you may choose to take a local bus, cab, or auto.


There are good resorts in Kunkaleshwar beach such as Kohinoor Samudra Beach Resort, Blue Ocean Resort and Spa by Apodis, Hotel Sea Fans, Hotel Landmark and Krishnali Beach Resort etc.


When you plan a holiday to Kunkeshwar beach, keep looking for tour packages and occasional offers like station pick up and drop so that you can reach your destination with utmost convenience.

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