Unlike most beaches, Malvan beach is not just a place of serenity and natural abundance, but is also one among the very commercially active zones that buzzes with life. You can experience almost all colors of nature in the wide spread shore here at different times of the day.

Major Attraction

Malvan is quite famous for the Sindhudug Fort built by Shivaji during 1600 AD. Tsunami Island, which is a beach cum island, is the ideal place to enjoy a boat ride in the backwaters of Tarkali River. You can even enjoy a range of water sports like jet skiing, bumper ride, parasailing and banana ride here. Rock Garden is another place worth visiting, which is famous for rocks of all colors and shapes as well as the abundance of flowers, trees, bushes and the little ponds.

Nearby Attractions

Tarkarli beach is about 6 kms from Malvan beach where the water is so clear that you can see the sea bed. Dhamapur Lake is about 19 kms from Malvan and is known for its expansive look and the huge wall on one side of the lake. The lake attracts several species of birds. Chivla beach, Tondavali beach, Achara beach and Jai Ganesh Mandir are other places of interest around Malvan.

Best Time to Visit

If you wish to avoid extreme weather conditions, October, November, and January to March are the ideal months to visit Malvan beach.

How to get there

Malvan is more close to Goa than to Pune and Mumbai. The Dabolim airport of Goa is about 130 kms from Malvan beach. The nearest train station is at Kudal, which is 30 kms away. The last bit of the journey can be covered by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus. People also choose to drive down from Mumbai (480 kms) and Pune (390 kms). Kolhapur, which is about 160 kms is another place from where you can drive down to the beach.


There is a series of beachside resorts in and around Malvan. Some of them include Killa Beach Resort, Avisa Nila Beach Resort, Tian Beach Resort, Malvan Beach House and Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, among others.


Malvan is sure to bring you peace of mind and offer a calming experience that you deserve during your break while you get away from your hectic schedule. So, to feel refreshed before diving back to your mundane life, head straight to Malvan beach.

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