Harihareshwar beach is an extremely popular holiday destination that has gained religious significance, as it is encompassed by four beautiful hills namely Bramhadri, Harshinachai, Harihareshwar and Pushpadri hills. This scenic beach of black sand is located along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra.

Major Attraction

Harihareshwar beach is a place where tourists claim to have experienced unmatched silence and peace on the quiet, unpolluted beach bed. The beauty of the beach is enhanced by the Harhar hill, which forms a part of the shore. Lord Shiva Temple named as ‘Kalbhairav Temple’, which is one of the most ancient temples of Maharashtra, is a major attraction here. Its architectural work stuns tourists even today. Ganesh Galli is yet another popular attraction, which is a 3-feet narrow path between two of the rocky mountains that surround Harihareshwar. The highlight is the huge idol of Lord Ganesh, which is said to emerge during low tides.

Nearby Attractions

If on an extended vacation, you can choose to visit some of the interesting tourist destinations nearby such as Diveagar beach, which is about 21 kms away, Srivardhan Beach, which is about 6 kms from here; or Bagmandala, which reveals the history of the Peshawas and also has a sea harbor amidst the jungle. If you take a 30-minute ferry ride, you can reach Velas beach and watch eggs of turtles hatching.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to be in Harihareshwar beach is between October and March, when you can escape the heavy rains of the monsoon and the heat of the summer. The weather remains extremely pleasant during these months and hence is the peak tourist season.

How to get there

The nearest railway station is Mangaon and there are trains that connect Mumbai and Pune directly. Mumbai International Airport is about 190 kms away. Upon reaching Mangaon, you can hire taxis to travel the remaining 50 kms to Harihareshwar. The other route is to reach Srivardhan, which is around 25 kms from Harihareshwar and take a taxi for the final ride. There are state transport buses that connect Harihareshwar to the major cities of Pune and Mumbai.


Like any other tourist place, Harihareshwar beach accommodates tourists of all budgets. Some of the highly rated resorts include Tranquil Beach Resort, MTDC Beach Resort, Gokul Paryatak Nivas, Mauli Beach Resort and Greengate Harihareshwar Resort.


Harihareshwar beach offers the perfect blend of a relaxed holiday destination with spiritual elation.

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