If you wish to go a very simple place to relax with your family, then Mithbav beach is the ideal choice. Situated about 25 kms from Devgad, this beach is a very attractive place with a serene setting that will refresh your tired nerves. Since this place is known for its Hapus mangoes, mango lovers would consider this an added attraction for visiting this beach.

Major Attraction

The extended landscape of the skyline and the sea merging at a distance is in itself one of the major attractions of Mithbav beach. Gajabadevi Temple that faces the Tambaldeg beach on a small hill top in Mithbav is another popular place to visit. There is a holy pillar with saffron flag on its head and lamps all over. It is called Deep Mal. Do not miss the lovely view of sunset from this temple.

Nearby Attractions

If you travel towards Devgad, which is not far, you can visit a series of temples and forts such as Devgad Fort, Vidyadurg Fort, Kunkeshwar Temple, Vimieshwar Temple etc. You may also visit Khavane beach in Sindhudurg, Bagayat beach in Vengurta, Chivla beach and Tondavali beach in Malvan to have more fun. All of these are located within the span of 20 kms to 35 kms.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this beach is the duration starting from post monsoon, which is in September, to the starting of summer, which is the end of March.

How to get there

Air travelers should head to the airport at Goa, which is around 177 kms from Mithbav. The nearest train station is at Kankavli, which is about 55 kms from Mithbav. Devgad, which is 20 kms away, has a bus terminus to and from which state and private buses from all major cities commute. On reaching Devgad, you can take a taxi to reach your beach destination.


Since Mithbav beach is still developing, there are several home stay options from which you may take your pick. If you would rather stay at a prominent resort, Golven Resort is your solitary option.


At times, it is better to choose a small and not-so-crowded destination for your holiday rather than ending up in a very crowded and busy place, which is no different from your city life. So, if a beach vacation amidst a tranquil setting is your objective, head straight to Mithbav beach.

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