If you love to swim, sunbathe and watch dolphins, you should head straight to Achara beach in Sindhudurg. This pristine beach is approximately 22 kilometers away from Malvan. Achara beach boasts of a significant number of dolphins that attract lots of aquatic lovers.

Major Attraction

Apart from the famous aquatic species, you can find different species of birds here. Tourists who are into water sports can enjoy sport activities like cruising, snorkeling and swimming at Achara beach.

Nearby Attractions

The approximately 115 year’s old library is one of the most visited attractions in the vicinity of Achara beach. History buffs can visit the Sindhudurg fort to experience the old architecture of building forts. Devotional tourists can visit Mahadev Temple, Bhavanimata Temple and temple of Shivaji Maharaj to worship the deities. Tarkarli beach is another major tourist attraction close to Achara beach, at around 24 kilometers away.

Best Time to Visit

Though you can visit Achara beach throughout the year, the ideal time is October to March to enjoy its unique beauty in its full form. During this time, countless species of different birds including the indigenous one (peacock) migrate here every year. The period from October to February is considered the dolphin season. So, a visit to the beach during this period will let you explore the actual charms of Achara beach like never before.

How to Get There

The ideal way of reaching Achara beach is by road. You can avail a number of buses and taxis from Malvan region to travel the minimal distance of approximately 22 kilometers. The nearest rail station to Malvan Jetty is Sawantwadi rail station, which is well connected with cities like Pune, Mumbai, Goa etc. The closest airport is Dabolim in Goa from where you can avail buses and taxis to reach Malvan Jetty.


Visitors traveling to Achara beach can find a number of great hotels together with homestay facilities in and around the region. Some of the renowned hotels are Chivala Beach hotel, hotel Sagar Kinara, Abhiruchi Resort etc that can provide you with a comfortable stay together with almost all kinds of modern amenities. However, if you plan to visit during the peak season, make sure to book your accommodation in advance or else, you may find it difficult to get your preferred rooms at your chosen hotels.


If you want to spend your upcoming holiday in an equally tranquil and exciting place, book your tickets for Achara beach holiday today.

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