Konkan Festivals

Konkan Festivals – Some of the Popular Festivals Celebrated

Holi, Ganapati and Diwali are most popular festivals celebrated in Konkan. Holi also known as “shimga” in Konkan is the one of the most enjoyed festival in Konkan region. Family members which are settled in other states come back to Konkan to greet each other and celebrate the festival.

During this time everyone in Konkan renovate their houses. Everyone believe that in holi festival god visits there house and shower blessings on them. Holi is celebrate in between month of March and May. The villagers ride the god and goddess in a Palkhi, which is handled on the shoulder of people. People dance and sing traditional songs.

Gauri & Ganapati is another major popular festival in Konkan. Ganapati festival which is also known as Ganesh Chaturthi in Konkan and Maharashtra. This is the hugely celebrated festival in Konkan, people here decorate attractive stages and lights during this festival.

Food in Konkan

Most of the Konkani people are non-vegetarian and they love non-vegetarian food. Chicken wade is the favorite dish of all Konkani people. You can find delicious sea food and chicken wade at almost all restaurants and resorts in Konkan.

Ukadiche modak is sweet dish which is served and cooked in ganesh Chaturthi festival. Ukadiche modak is made up of coconut and wheat, very delicious to eat.

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