Thanks to its long coastline, the district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is famous for its beaches. Ratnagiri beach attracts people from far and wide with its enchanting mixture of white and black sand scattered across different areas.

Major Attraction

Ratnadurg Fort is an interesting place with amazing views of the Arabian Sea, as the fort is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The fort is shaped like a horse shoe and hence gives you the view of the sea on all sides. Ratnagiri Lighthouse is yet another interesting place to visit while visiting Ratnagiri beach, as this is adjacent to Ratnadurg fort.

Nearby Attractions

People who visit Ratnagiri beach usually plan a trip to Ganpatipule, which is about 35 kms from the town. This place has a tiny hill, which people believe resembles Lord Ganesha. A temple of Lord Ganesha at the foot of this hill is another popular place to visit.

The Marine Biological Research Station at Ratnagiri is something that might interest you, as there is an aquarium and museum with different kind of fishes and specimens to look from close quarters. There are several other places of interest in Ratnagiri city including Thiba Point, Thiba Palace, Bhagawati Bandar and Marleshwar Temple, to name just a few.

Best Time to Visit

Though Ratnagiri beach is open to everyone all the time, winter is the best time to visit. This means coming here anytime from post monsoon to pre-summer would be good. So, it’s ideal to plan your visit between October and March.

How to get there

Unlike the small tourist villages, Ratnagiri is a very prominent place and hence has a good railway station to which there are regular train services from major cities like Mumbai and Pune. The city is also well connected through bus services that commute to major cities every day. The good news is that Ratnagiri even has an airport, which is just about 12 kms from the port city. To get to the beach hotels, you may take a local auto or request the hotel for a pick up from the rail station (or airport, if the service is available).


There are numerous resorts of all ranges to suit any budget. Some of them are Kohinoor Samudra Beach Resort, Abhishek Beach Resort and Spa, Ratnasagar Beach Resort, Sea Princess Resort and Blue Ocean Resort and Spa.


If you have a couple of days in hand during your Ratnagiri beach sojourn, you can see all that’s there to see in the vicinity without any rush, thus enjoying the sights and sounds to the fullest.

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